Our Location:-

India being a large country and complex nature of Patent, Trademark and Design offices located in different metro cities with specific jurisdictions, location of offices and branch/associates’ offices is crucial.


Mumbai (Bombay), the commercial capital of India and Head office of the Controller of Patents & Designs AND Registrar of Trademarks.

Mumbai (Bombay) - Head Office :
ADITYA & ASSOCIATES | Advocates, Patent & Trademark Attorneys
Hubtown Solaris, 121, First Floor
N S Phadke Marg, Jn.of Telli Gully & E-W bridge,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai (Bombay) – 400 069 | INDIA

+91 22 2682 0627, +91 22 2682 0629
+91 22 2682 0629

Branch office:

New Delhi

Associates Offices:

Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata (Calcutta).

Trade Mark, Copyright and Design Practice:- tm@adityaandassociates.com
Patent Practice:- patent@adityaandassociates.com
Careers:- careers@adityaandassociates.com
General:- info@adityaandassociates.com